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Complete Title Searches

New Abstract
At least 40-year abstract of title beginning with an acceptable source deed and certifying from said point of beginning to present.

Abstract Redate
Begins with the ending date of an existing abstract of title and certifies from said date to present.

Last Owner Report
Begins with the date the current owner took title and certifies from said date to present. This search is commonly used for Home Equity Loans or small risk Collateral Loans wherein title insurance is not a requirement.

Stub Search
Begins with an arbitrary date or designated instrument and certifies from said date to a subsequent date also designated (usually to present.)

Bankruptcy Search
A search of the United States Federal Bankruptcy Records against any party having an interest in the subject property.

Foreclosure Certificate
This identifies all necessary instruments of record against the current owner.

Judgment/Lien Search
A search of all lien indices, including but not limited to, Mortgagor, Consolidated Lien (Financing Statements, Federal Tax Liens), and Lis Pendens.